Hell's War Against Our Children
From Massive Drugs ...
Through Satanism ... to Rock'n'roll

Father John O'Connor, OP

With 7 Appendices by Leo A. Brodeur, PhD, on "How to Fight this War"

Hell's War Against Our Children, by Fr. John O'Connor, OP, and Leo Brodeur, PhD

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"Rock has always been the Devil's music; you can't convince me that it isn't.... I feel that we're only heralding something even darker than ourselves."

(David Bowie, Rolling Stone, 1976)

Description of Contents

Father O'Connor tells us in this highly perceptive book that "our children are in the front lines of the greatest war of evil that has ever been waged against the youth of the world."

"The aggressors are Satan and his demons," and youth are suffering terribly. The weapons with which they are preyed upon include alcohol, drugs, promiscuity, rebelliousness, suicide, and even the actual worship of Satan.

But the main weapon is rock'n'roll.

Father O'Connor shows it is rock and its promoters — media and rock stars — that pull children into drugs, promiscuity, pornography, revolt against parents, running away from home, suicide, and worst of all, Satanism. He uncovers the actual techniques used in rock'n'roll to bring about the success of this agenda, an agenda driven by the Illuminati and the Communists.

Included in the book are excerpts from the warnings of a former Satanist, who himself recruited hundreds of students from colleges into his satanic church.

There are also seven Appendices by Leo A. Brodeur on how to fight hell's war against our children. Further, both Father O'Connor and Leo Brodeur show how this war fits in with the message of Our Lady of Fatima.

This eye-opening book is a must for parents!

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Three Conferences by Fr. John O'Connor, OP:

  1. Nothing Short of a Holocaust
    (Dead Bodies and Dead Souls)
  2. The Aggressors Come From Hell
    (Hell Breeds Hell)
  3. Satan Throws a Surprise Party Supreme
    (Poison in the Music)

Seven Appendices by Leo A. Brodeur, Ph.D.:

  1. Another Message From Fatima:
      Hell and Satanic Evil Really Exist
  2. The Catechism Taught Hundreds of Millions All About
      Heaven and Hell
  3. "Inside Information" on Satan
  4. A Sample of Satan's "Rock" Trickery
  5. Our Counter-Offensive in this Hell's War
  6. Angel Power Versus devil power
  7. The Saints in Heaven, Our Forgotten Allies
    A Lead to a Special Discovery

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