Liturgical Catechism

Father D. J. Wollaston, SDB

Liturgical Catechism, by Fr. D.J. Wollaston, SDB

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Description of Contents

Traditional Catholic Liturgy Explained

The Catholic Church uses her Liturgy — i.e., her religious customs, prayers and ceremonies — to teach us the Mysteries of Faith. Thus, the more we understand the Liturgy, the more we will understand and love our Faith.

The Liturgical Catechism was written to describe and explain traditional Catholic Liturgy and practices, as well as to introduce the reader to their profound meanings.

From the Foreword:

"The prayers and functions of the church, far from being meaningless, are rather full of the deepest significance for those who take a true interest in them. A Catholic who desires to live up to his name cannot fail to seek the meaning of all he sees in the public worship of the church, for this meaning adds interest to the prayers, and interest awakens the sentiments of the soul to join actively in the functions and thus praise God."

Increasing one's knowledge of sacred Liturgy increases understanding and love of the Faith!

Topics include:

  • Why the Church uses Latin in Her worship.
  • The Tridentine Mass, its various forms and parts.
  • The Divine Office, Benediction, consecration of churches, processions.
  • The ceremonies of the Sacraments.
  • Furnishings and objects in the church.
  • Vestments and ecclesiastical dress.
  • The feasts and liturgical seasons of the Church.
  • Ecclesiastical singing.


Great resource for youth,
religion classes, altar servers —
and all those interested in understanding
traditional Catholic worship!

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Foreword to the Sixth Edition

Objects Used in the Divine Services

  1. The Liturgical Books
  2. Places Consecrated to Divine Worship
  3. The Furnishings and Objects in the Church
  4. Sacred Vessels and Objects
  5. Sacred Linens
  6. Materials Used in Liturgical Functions
  7. Ecclesiastical Dress in General
  8. Sacred Vestments in General
  9. Dress Proper to Higher Ecclesiastics
  10. Dress Proper to the Pope

Part II
The Principal Liturgical Functions

  1. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in General
  2. Low Mass (Preparation, Instruction, Offertory, Canon, Communion, Thanksgiving)
  3. Solemn High Mass, Parochial Mass and Pontifical Mass
  4. The Divine Office
  5. Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament
  6. Consecration and Blessing of Churches
  7. Processions
  8. Baptism
  9. Confirmation
  10. Holy Communion
  11. Penance
  12. Extreme Unction
  13. Holy Orders
  14. Matrimony
  15. Christian Burial

Part III
The Ecclesiastical Year

  1. The Divisions and Grades of the Feasts of the Church
  2. The Proper of Time (Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week, Easter, Pentecost and the Sundays Following)
  3. The Proper of Saints

APPENDIX: Ecclesiastical Singing

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