Instructions & Devotions
The Sick, Dying and Deceased

Compiled From Traditional Sources

Instructions and Devotions for the Sick, Dying and Deceased (Compiled from Traditional Sources)

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Description of Contents

Save your soul and rescue others from the devil at the last moment of life!

The Saints and Fathers of the Church teach that very few Catholics go to heaven. Hence this book was published to assist Catholics to prepare themselves or others for a happy entrance into eternal life. It is a handy, pocket-sized collection of formerly well-known devotions and beautiful, consoling prayers.

Compiled from the nineteenth-century classic, The Garden of the Soul, and from ten other traditional sources.

Cover with gold lettering. Traditional illustrations.

From the Foreword:

"The most important moment of life ... is the moment of death, when we shall meet our Maker and Judge, who will irrevocably consign us to eternal bliss or eternal misery. The wise Catholic spends his whole life, therefore, securing his place in heaven by means of virtuous living....

"Unfortunately, very few today use illness to gain eternal merit; even fewer wish to contemplate death. And so, although any sickness could be our last, how many precious hours of suffering are wasted in sterile complaints, idle chatter or mindless silence. How many visitors think it is a sufficient act of love merely to be present at the bedside of a sick person, listening patiently to his complaints or perhaps aiding him physically.

"They do not realize that the highest work of love is to save souls.... It is continuing the work of Christ. It is also an act of justice, and often one of duty, as well as a corporal and spiritual work of mercy, not only to attend to the physical needs of the sick and dying, but also to help them make their peace with God through prayer ... and to arrange for a priest to administer the Last Sacraments.

"It is ... hoped that, having [this manual] always at hand, no one will feel helpless in the face of illness or death, unable to aid himself or someone else to attain the Crown of Life."

Divided into four sections:

Remote Preparation for Death: prayers that can be said daily in good health, in order to secure the help of heaven at the moment of death
In the Time of Illness
Instructions and Prayers to Aid the Dying
Devotions for the Deceased: prayers for the souls in Purgatory

Also includes a thorough Examination of Conscience and prayers for Confession.

Includes devotions such as:

Prayers by St. Vincent Ferrer, Cardinal Newman and St. Charles Borromeo ● Prayers for Deliverance from Unprovided Death ● Devotion to the Agonizing Heart of Jesus ● Instructions for Holy Viaticum and Extreme Unction ● The Last Blessing and Plenary Indulgence ● Recommendation of a Soul Departing ● Prayers for Deceased Men, Women, Parents, Clergy ● and much more

A vital aid in performing acts of mercy for
the sick and dying.

Ideal for use in hospitals and on all sick visits.

$9.75, plus shipping & handling

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