RENEW: A Tree Rooted in
Modernism & the New Age Movement

Cornelia R. Ferreira, M.Sc.

RENEW: A Tree Rooted in Modernism and the New Age Movement, by Cornelia R. Ferreira, M.Sc.


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"The revolution is upon us and old ways of thinking and acting will no longer do."

— RENEW leadership training manual


This is the only critique of RENEW that hits the nail on the head: RENEW is a New Age programme for producing a modernist anti-Church, one that will be acceptable for membership in the one-world religion of the New World Order.

New Age expert Cornelia Ferreira came to this conclusion after studying the RENEW literature used by parish facilitators. She discovered that RENEW actually calls for action to usher in the new age.

RENEW is designed to change the Catholic Church into a democratic social-justice, community-oriented Church composed of small base communities independent of Church authority. Even the parish priest becomes redundant as participants carry out pseudo-liturgical events, some of which are occult in nature.

RENEW also has a distinct socio-political agenda that draws participants into liberal, Marxist, globalist activism. Its list of organizations that help one live "justly" includes militant feminist and social justice groups.

RENEW is a weapon of the Catholic Revolution!
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"This well-researched and percipient article will prove a great help to those who are struggling with the first beginnings of RENEW.... Its connection with the 'New Age' movement, rampant now in the United States, is clearly brought out in this article, which is written against a Canadian background but which has lessons for us all."

  — Father Paul Crane, SJ, Editor
     Christian Order, January 1989


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