Towards World Government
New World Order

Deirdre Manifold

Edited and with Appendix, The New Age Movement: The Kingdom of Satan on Earth, by Cornelia R. Ferreira, M.Sc.

Towards World Government/New World Order, by Deirdre Manifold and Cornelia Ferreira

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The nineteenth-century British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli said the world is ruled by very different people from what is believed by those who are not behind the scenes. Towards World Government — New World Order takes the reader behind the scenes, and what is revealed is far more amazing than anything that could be imagined!

irish author Deirdre Manifold describes the long-hatched plans of the Illuminati and Communists to bring the revolution of Satan against God and the Woman of Genesis (Gen. 3:15) to its climax by the establishment of a New World Order run by the agents of the Antichrist.

These agents are the hidden hand directing governments and fomenting wars and revolutions to manipulate mankind into accepting their totalitarian world government as the only means of peace. They control the wealth of the world and the media, thus enabling their plans to remain hidden. It was this elite cabal that instigated both World Wars, Hitler himself being only their dupe.

Our Lady of Fatima said that if Russia were not consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart as She desired, Russia would spread its errors around the world, fomenting wars and revolutions. She also told Sister Lucy of Fatima that an "unknown" light in the sky would be the sign from God of the outbreak of a major war. Deirdre Manifold shows conclusively that on the very night that the plan for World War II was formulated for Stalin, this "unknown" light was observed for hundreds of miles across Europe, leading Sister Lucy to state that this was the sign that war was imminent.

This book outlines the crucial influence of Freemasonry and Communism on the Catholic Church, and shows how the United States and Wall Street have worked to spread international Communism.

Deirdre Manifold illustrates that the war between the Woman of Genesis and the serpent is also being waged through deception on several fronts: economics, politics, mass media, farming, morality, education, the family.

She correctly notes that each immortal soul will be the prize of one or the other side. Her book was written to warn "all men, but especially good men" not to be deceived and land up on the wrong side. She exhorts readers to examine the message of Fatima "that can still save the world from destruction."

Further helping to unveil the secret plan for world slavery is the Appendix by Canadian author Cornelia Ferreira entitled The New Age Movement: The Kingdom of Satan on Earth (available separately as a pamphlet — click here).

If you are trying to understand the chaos within the Catholic Church and the world, this is one book you must read!

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  1. The Illuminati
  2. The Media
  3. The Family Farm
  4. War on Children
  5. The Left and the Right
  6. The Catholic Church, Freemasonry and Communism
  7. The Americas and the Spread of Communism
  8. Psychopolitics, Communist Tool of War
  9. Rakovsky
  10. The War Continues
  11. The Merger
  12. The Woman of Genesis
  13. Postscript
  14. Bibliography
  15. Appendix: The New Age Movement: The Kingdom of Satan on Earth, by Cornelia R. Ferreira, M.Sc.

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