World Youth Day
From Catholicism to Counterchurch

Cornelia R. Ferreira and John Vennari

World Youth Day: From Catholicism to Counterchurch, by Cornelia R. Ferreira and John Vennari

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Part I now translated into French.

Description of Contents

World Youth Day: From Catholicism to Counterchurch combines the writings of Catholic authors Cornelia Ferreira (Part I) and John Vennari (Part II), who have studied World Youth Day from different perspectives.

Cornelia Ferreira has investigated its connection with the post-conciliar agenda for a "new" humanist Catholicism that can be merged with the one-world religion.

John Vennari attended World Youth Day 2002 in Toronto, which he describes in vivid detail. He also filmed some of World Youth Day's totally un-Catholic events and vulgar behaviour that bode ill for the future of the Church. His video can be seen here.

With its unflagging exposition of traditional Catholic doctrine and morality, World Youth Day: From Catholicism to Counterchurch is a contemporary example of classic Apologetics.

From the Foreword:

"This book is not just about World Youth Day, but about how World Youth Day fits into the larger agenda of erecting a modernist Counterchurch, operating within the structure of the Roman Catholic Church. Construction of this Counterchurch has been going on since Vatican II....

"This book explains the terminology, ideologies and methodologies used in crafting this new religion, also known as Adult Church. World Youth Day has showcased its progression over the last twenty years. The youth on display at WYD in Toronto represented the first through-and-through Counterchurch generation, born and raised in Adult Faith.

"If this mass 'pilgrimage' of Catholics to the new church is not halted by God Himself, all our churches and cathedrals will shortly resound with the riotous worship of Antichrist — whilst the remnant One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church will find herself once more a Church of the catacombs."

This ground-breaking, highly documented book shows:

  • How World Youth Day and other programmes corrupt youth and lead them into the Counterchurch, the perversion of the Catholic Church.

  • How local parishes, the RCIA, and the new "ecclesial" movements like Focolare and the Neocatechumenal Way do the same for all Catholics.

  • That the Counterchurch is community-oriented, democratic, devoted to "social justice" and interfaith unity, and is destined for membership in the Masonic one-world religion of the new world order.

  • How the Sacraments have been re-interpreted to serve the ideology of the Counterchurch and universal brotherhood.

  • The role of John Dewey in erecting the humanist Counterchurch.

  • The Counterchurch was foretold by Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich and Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen.

It includes:

  • Shocking eyewitness accounts of what really happens at World Youth Day, its rock'n'roll party atmosphere and its subversive catechesis sessions.

  • An examination of World Youth Day from a truly Catholic perspective.

  • An analysis of the heresies underpinning World Youth Day and its symbols, especially the Arian, pantheistic World Youth Day Cross, the focus of idolatrous worship.

  • A study of the Sillon, a model for the Counterchurch and youth movements, and its penetration of the Church through the Sillonist Pope, John XXIII, at Vatican II.

  • A thorough exposé of Focolare, the "reincarnation" of Sillonism and the inspiration for World Youth Day. Shows how this influential "Catholic" group funnels Masonic principles into the Church, leading Catholics into the New World Order as members of the Counterchurch.

  • Startling facts about the early years of Pope John Paul II and the esoteric influences upon his formation.

  • How to recognize and resist the Counterchurch.

  • Pope Leo XIII's long prayer to St. Michael (suppressed in the 20th century), in which Satan's attempt to seize control of the Church is described.

  • Ten pages of World Youth Day photos.

Essential reading for understanding today's Catholic Revolution and World Youth Day's part in it!

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Cornelia R. Ferreira

World Youth Day: Change Agent for the Counterchurch

  1. Journeying Out of the Church
  2. Church Becoming Counterchurch
  3. The Peter Pan Syndrome
  4. Religion as Fun
  5. Sects and the Civilization of Love
  6. Teilhard and the Sillon Triumph

Part II
John Vennari

World Youth Day: An Eyewitness Account

  1. Upon This Rock'N'Roll I Will Build my Church
  2. On Reverence
  3. Jacinta: "Our Lady Does Not Want People to Talk in Church"
  4. To Exhibition Place!
  5. The Stations of the Cross
  6. Not-Very-Solemn Vespers
  7. World Youth Day vs. Catholic Teaching on Modesty
  8. The World Youth Day Sleepover
  9. World Youth Day: Showcase of Liturgical Abuse
  10. Abuses "Imprimatured"
  11. Papal Office: Custodian of Tradition or Change Agent?
 Long Prayer to St. Michael, composed by Pope Leo XIII

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"It sounds so good and wholesome – youth coming together to greet the Pope, celebrate their Catholic Faith and learn more about it to evangelize others. What could possibly be wrong with the World Youth Day launched by John Paul II....

"I have often spoken to parents with 'misgivings' about WYD. But surely, they rationalize, it must be all right because the Pope will be there, the Bishops support it, and the parish priest or CCD director is driving the van of young men and women to the event. The alarm should be going off with that last phrase: It was always against Catholic morals for youth of mixed sexes to travel together like one big family for camping trips or overnight retreats. These strange new practices disregard the reality of original sin; they follow a loose new morality of a post-Vatican II Church.

"To expose the doctrine of this novel Counterchurch and how it has shaped an egalitarian and pan-religious World Youth Day, Cornelia Ferreira and John Vennari joined forces on different fronts with an on- and behind-the-scenes account of what is going on at WYD.

"CFN [Catholic Family News] editor Vennari gives the on-the-scene story. In July 2002, he decided to attend the Canadian WYD to provide an eyewitness account of what goes on. He stayed with the family of the well-respected author and speaker Cornelia Ferreira who was doing extensive research on how the event was part of a restructured Vatican II Church. The two authors decided to combine their efforts. It was a fruitful union that has given us their newly released book, World Youth Day: From Catholicism to Counterchurch.

"Now, parents with healthful doubts about WYD have a secure resource to learn about both what goes on at a WYD, and the bad thinking and changed doctrine that fuel it...."

Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.
 "What's Wrong With World Youth Day?"

Read the full review here.


"No sooner had John XXIII opened his figurative Conciliar window to the winds of ‘change’ than secular fads and fashions swept through, gripped and began strangling the traditional life out of the Church. The cult of ‘youth,’ which defined the 1960s, was especially damaging. Clergy and Religious immediately rushed to worship at that particular shrine, pandering to young Catholics and their every idiotic whim....

"It’s been pretty much downhill ever since. And as highlighted in World Youth Day: From Catholicism to Counterchurch, a compelling study by John Vennari and Cornelia Ferreira, the selling out of Catholic youth shows no signs of abating. They argue, in fact, that things are speeding up; that the World Youth Days fostered by John Paul II have not only taken the cult of youth to new levels of corrupting indulgence but are being used to systematically fashion a new faith by indoctrinating participants in [the] satanic ‘social gospel’....

"Underpinning this subvervise humanistic agenda, Ferreira identifies four key concepts: spirituality, pilgrimage, community and lived experience. Her exposition of these four pillars of the Counterchurch is essential reading if we are to understand how the Faith is being dismantled and restructured by an alien spirit in our midst....

"... John Vennari’s jaw-dropping account of the Toronto experience fleshes out [the] shocking and unsavoury reality behind the contrived WYD image of youthful devotion to the Church and papacy.

"... 'I would have to call it a Catholic Rock ‘n’ Roll Olympics, not because there were any competition sports, but because of the way the crowd behaved.' Indeed. The secularising fruits of Vatican II are laid bare on every page as he describes the faithless, clueless, irreverent, immodest and puerile antics of a Catholic generation indistinguishable from the pagan masses.

"His sobering testimony should be read by every responsible Catholic parent considering whether to allow sons and/or daughters to attend WYD. They will discover, for example, that so-called 'catechesis sessions' can degenerate into inculturated rock ‘n’ roll rave sessions....

"I highly recommend this work. The sum of Ferreira’s forensic analysis and Vennari’s 'lived experience' is a powerful compendium; a resource every serious Catholic should have on their bookshelf.....

Michael McGrade
 Christian Order, October 2005

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