Feminism v. Mankind
(An international collection of anti-feminist articles)

Edited by Christine M. Kelly

Feminism v. Mankind, by Christine Kelly, Alice von Hildebrand, Cornelia Ferreira and others
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Starting in the 1950s, the feminist agenda was pushed into the general consciousness and into legislation by media and literature that have been overwhelmingly in favour of feminist strategies.

By now it is obvious that feminism is greatly to blame for the decline of Christianity and civilization, as it is subversive of morality and order. It has been a disaster for women, men, families, politics, economics and the Catholic faith. Feminists, in their search for power, have perverted the natural instincts of man. In their quest for "equality" they have furthered the system of injustice defined by Aristotle as follows: "Injustice arises when equals are treated unequally, and also when unequals are treated equally."

Yet because of the strong feminist pressure on the media, there has been almost no criticism of the movement. Feminism v. Mankind seeks to remedy this situation. It is an anthology of international studies by distinguished writers from many disciplines. They analyze and expose, from their respective angles, the weaknesses and detrimental effects of feminism.

Feminism v. Mankind seeks to restore the balance of common sense, based on practical experience, professional knowledge and innate wisdom. Its contributors, most of whom are wives and mothers, are also lawyers, scientists, educators, writers, lecturers, broadcasters and economists. Their upholding of traditional womanhood and family life cannot be dismissed by feminists as the pitiful wish of persons of low intellectual ability.

A very valuable resource for those who seek a just and peaceful world!

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Baroness Diana Elles
Christine M. Kelly

  1. Physical and Spiritual Ecology
    Alice von Hildebrand
  2. Feminism and the Psychologically Masculine
    Mary Kenny
  3. Empty Hearts and Empty Homes
    Katarina Runske
  4. Feminism and the State — the Australian Experience
    Babette Francis
  5. The Equal Opportunities Commission
    Joanna Bogle
  6. A Radical Feminist Charter
    Valerie Riches
  7. Families, Feminism and Taxes
    Patricia Morgan
  8. The Female as Hamster
    Robert Whelan
  9. The Destructive Forces Behind Religious Feminism
    Cornelia Ferreira
  10. The Story of Miss Teen Canada
    Betty Steele

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