Karl Marx
A Prophet of Our Times

Deirdre Manifold

Karl Marx: A Prophet of our Times, by Deirdre Manifold

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Not too many history studies have been devoted to the founder of the most barbaric force of modern times: Communism. Deirdre Manifold's book on Karl Marx is therefore a most important contribution to our knowledge of this evil revolutionary whose writings have brought down Christian civilization and have led to the slaughter of millions upon millions of people worldwide.

Karl Marx is also a valuable guide to recognizing "the Communist signs of the times" affecting the Catholic Church and the world all around us.

Deirdre Manifold traces the Jewish roots of Marx's family, his baptism into Protestantism for political reasons, and his early descent into satanism. Marx's colleague Engels, and those who put his programme into action — Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin and Mao Tse Tung — were also satanists. They were not atheists. They believed in God, but hated Him and all His creatures.

Marx was a consummate hypocrite. He set out to destroy the rich, but he himself married a woman of wealth and expected his daughters to marry rich men. Instead of working, he was content to live on legacies and the unending handouts of Engels. He eventually landed up in the upper two percent of the British population in terms of income. Yet he often left his family in debt.

Marx was a vile-tempered megalomaniac. The champion of the proletariat was an elitist, bourgeois snob, envious of other people's wealth and social status, His aristocratic life-style was the complete antithesis of the drab communistic life-style that he prescribed for the world.

Deirdre Manifold documents that Marx and Engels were commissioned by the Illuminati to write The Communist Manifesto, which sets forth the revolutionary programme of the Illuminati for their totalitarian New World Order. She discusses this programme as set forth in the Manifesto.

Her explanation of the Communist technique known as "the dialectic" is crucial to one's understanding of the conflicts and wars of the past 100 years. It will also help the reader to see that the conflicts between Tradition and new-age Catholicism in the post-conciliar Catholic Church are a working out of the dialectic.

The ruthless slaughter of the citizens of countries targeted for Marxist takeover is described, as is the Communist plan for the peaceful destruction of Western society through media control and moral degeneracy.

Is Communism "dead"? Or are we part of the Communist New World Order?
This book will make the answer clear!

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  1. Early Life
  2. The London Years
  3. Karl's Beliefs
  4. Karl the Man
  5. The Years of Poverty
  6. The Dialectic
  7. The Manifesto
  8. The Proletariat
  9. Marxism in the Church
  10. How Marxists Take Over
  11. The Elite
  12. The Legacy of Marx

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