Prayers for Protection From Plagues and
Contagious Diseases

Efficacious prayers that can be used during the
Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


Saint Roch
St. Roch

St. Sebastian
St. Sebastian


St. Roch and St. Sebastian, pray for us and preserve us from all contagious diseases.

(This invocation may be recited after each decade of the Rosary, following the prayer of Our Lady of Fatima, "O my Jesus, forgive us our sins....")



O God, who didst promise St. Roch by an angel that all who had recourse to him should have nothing to fear from pestilence and contagious maladies, grant that through his intercession we may be preserved from all dangers both of soul and body, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Glorious St. Roch, present in our favour thy efficacious prayers to the throne of Divine Mercy, that we may not be affected by the scourge of contagion. Preserve us, by thy intercession, from the pestilence of the body; and above all, obtain for us deliverance from the more grievous maladies of the soul. Amen.

This prayer has saved many cities from plagues, especially Constance in 1414.


Composed by Pope Saint Zachary (679-752) and used by the Council of Trent.

+ O Cross of Christ, save me.

May zeal for your house free me.

+ The Cross conquers; the Cross reigns; the Cross rules; by the sign of the Cross free me, O Lord, from this plague.

God, my God, drive this plague away from me, and from this place, and free me.

In Your hands, O Lord, I commend my spirit, my heart, and my body.

Before heaven and earth God was; and God is able to liberate me from this plague.

+ The Cross of Christ will expel the plague from this place and from my body.

It is good to wait for the help of God in silence, that He may drive away this plague from me.

I will incline my heart to performing Your just deeds, and I will not be confounded, for I have called upon You.

I had zeal on occasion of the wicked; seeing the peace of sinners, I have hoped in you.

The Cross of Christ puts demons to flight, and corrupt air, and drives away the plague.

I am your Salvation, says the Lord; cry out to Me, and I will hear you, and I will liberate you from this plague.

Abyss calls to abyss, and You have expelled demons by Your voice; liberate me from this plague.

Blessed the man who hopes in the Lord, and does not look upon vanities, and false extravagances.

+ May the Cross of Christ, which was once the cause of scandal and indignity, and is now in glory and nobility, be for my salvation, and expel from this place the demon, and corrupt air, and plague from my body.

May zeal for the honour of God convert me before I die, and in Your Name, save me from this plague.

+ May the sign of the Cross free the People of God, and those who trust in Him, from the plague.

Will this foolish people return to the Lord? Make good on your vows, offering a sacrifice of praise and faith to Him, because He is able to liberate this place and me from this plague; for whoever trusts in Him will not be confounded.

If I will not praise You, let my tongue stick to my throat and to my jaws; free those who hope in You; in You I trust; liberate me and this place, O God, from this plague, for Your Name has been invoked in prayer.

At Your death, O Lord, darkness fell over the whole earth; my God, render the power of the devil tenuous and dim, for it is for this that You have come, O Son of the living God: so that You might destroy the works of the devil with Your power, drive out from this place and from me, Your servant, this plague; and may the corrupt air depart from me into the outer darkness.

+ Defend us, O Cross of Christ, and expel from this place the plague, and free Your servant from this plague, You who are kind, and merciful, and of many mercies, and true.

Blessed is he who does not look upon vanities, and false extravagances; on the day of evil the Lord will free him; Lord, I have trusted in You; free me from this plague.

God has become my refuge; because I have trusted in You, free me from this plague.

Look upon me, O Lord my God, Adonai, from the holy seat of Your Majesty, and have mercy on me, and because of Your mercy, free me from this plague.

You are my Salvation: heal me, and I will be healed; save me, and I will be saved.


Our Lady of Libera
In 1854, Pietrelcina was suffering from a terrible cholera plague. Finally, the miraculous statue of Our Lady of Libera (meaning Our Lady of Liberty or Deliverance) was taken on procession through the town, in hopes that death, like the Byzantine Greek armies of 650 A.D., would flee before her. Our Lady heard the prayers of the people. From that moment, the plague disappeared.

O Most Holy Virgin, Mother of God, powerful Queen of Heaven and earth, Mother filled with love for all redeemed by Jesus, I come before you as your child, to humbly ask your help and guidance.

O Mother mine, see how great are the dangers, both spiritual and material, how many temptations and how many weaknesses sadden my soul. You know the cares and anxieties of my heart, the needs and fears that fill my soul.

O Mary, Holy Mother, liberated by God from all the miseries of the children of Eve, do not deny me your help. Be my Liberator from the assaults and seductions of this world. Beg for me the grace to persevere in doing good, and to love God above all things. Make present in my soul Jesus your Son, so that He may be my love in life, my hope in death and my happiness for all eternity. Amen.


Francis John Bartholomew, a Passionist Monk of SS. John and Paul at Rome, a most holy man, and who had frequent revelations, once saying Mass, thought of the scourges about to fall on the world – wars, famine, pestilence, etc. – when the following prayer was revealed to him. He was told that whosoever recited it, with devotion, would be preserved from all dangers, with which the whole world will be visited.


O Jesus, Divine Redeemer, be merciful unto us and the whole world. Amen.

O Powerful God! O Holy God! O Immortal God! Have pity on us, and on all that are in the whole world. Amen.

Pardon and mercy, O my Jesus! During these present dangers, pour on us Thy most Precious Blood. Amen.

O Eternal Father! Be merciful to us; by the Blood of Jesus Christ, Thine only Son, be merciful to us, we beseech Thee. Amen. Amen. Amen.

O God, be appeased by the supplications we address to Thee, and through the intercession of the ever Blessed Virgin Mary, the glorious St. Joseph, and all the Saints, defend us from all dangers, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Lord Jesus Christ, Thou came into this world for our salvation. Look kindly on us now, we pray, that we, and all those who serve Thee, might be kept safe from this epidemic.

Heal those who are sick, comfort the suffering, bring back those who have gone astray, and above all, increase our faith, O Lord.

Give us the grace to follow Thee and, like the martyr St. Corona, who gave her life for love of Thee, to take up our crosses daily without fear or hesitation.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, have mercy on us and on the whole world. Amen.

St. Corona, patroness of epidemic victims, pray for us.


Almighty God, You who forgive the sins of your people and heal all their faults, You who call the Lord our healer and sent Your beloved Son to bear our sickness, look upon us who stand humbly before You.

We pray to You in this time of plague and need; remember Your love and kindness that You have always shown to Your people in times of tribulation.

Just as You graciously looked upon Aaron's atonement and stopped the plague that broke out, just as You accepted David's sacrifice and commanded the destroying angel to withdraw his hand, accept also today our prayer and sacrifice and show us mercy.

Keep this disease away from us, allow those affected to be healed, protect those who have been preserved from it so far by Your goodness, and do not let the plague spread any further. Amen.

Holy Mary, health of the sick, pray for us.

Saint Corona, pray for us.

Saint Sebastian, pray for us.

Saint Roch, pray for us.


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