The Emerging Feminist Religion

Cornelia R. Ferreira, M.Sc.

'The Emerging Feminist Religion' by Cornelia R. Ferreira

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"Feminism [is] the end of traditional religions"
— feminist Naomi Goldenberg

A follow-up to Cornelia Ferreira's ground-breaking booklet, The Feminist Agenda Within the Catholic Church, this well-documented pamphlet delves deeper into the ideology known as Christian, spiritual or religious feminism. It originally appeared as an article in Homiletic & Pastoral Review (May 1989).

Spiritual feminism has openly proclaimed itself the enemy of the Catholic Church and is determined to destroy her. Christian feminists are trying to create a new God, Church and society in their image and likeness.

The Emerging Feminist Religion shows that their image has been formed by secular feminists who espouse the beliefs of secular humanism and Marxism. (These beliefs now form the foundation of the New Age/New World Order movement.) Feminists within the Church are just a branch of the whole feminist tree, i.e., they have the same basic philosophy and goals as secular feminists.

Cornelia Ferreira booklet reveals that the feminist revolution was sparked by humanists Betty Friedan, Abraham Maslow and Dr. Benjamin Spock. Under their influence traditional women were attacked by feminsts leading the fight for abortion, perverse sexual rights and getting women out of the home and into the work force.

After Vatican II, feminism infiltrated the Church through women studying theology, mostly in non-Catholic seminaries. These women then became teachers in Catholic seminaries, influenced nuns and converted priests and bishops.

Under the Marxist rallying cry of "Equality!" leaders such as Rosemary Ruether demanded women's ordination and developed strategies to obtain it. Key strategies include getting congregations used to seeing women perform adjunct roles around the altar and rewriting liturgical texts to incorporate inclusive language.

Cornelia Ferreira also uncovers how feminists have been re-writing biblical history and developing their own "theology" based on a pagan, occult spirituality that makes them and the earth into goddesses. This has led them into practising witchcraft and concocting liturgical rituals incorporating witchcraft for their emerging religion, Women-Church.

In order to destroy the Catholic Church from within, religious feminists continue their membership in the Catholic Church, spreading their heretical ideology at all levels, and even bringing occult liturgies into Catholic churches.

Thanks to ecclesiastical support, feminism is now "mainstream" in the Church and Catholic schools, posing a great danger to souls.

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"EVERY WOMAN A GODDESS ... Most Catholics, especially perhaps bishops and priests, do not realize that feminism is a new religion. Religious feminism has its own god, its own bible and its own creed. 'Woman, to feminists, is God.' If you don't believe me, then I suggest you read the powerful article ... by Mrs. Cornelia R. Ferreira about 'The Emerging Feminist Religion.' This article is a follow-up to her masterful article on 'The Feminist Agenda within the Church' which we published in the Mary 1987 issue."
— Father Kenneth Baker, SJ, Editor
 Homiletic & Pastoral Review, May 1989

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