The Feminist Agenda
Within the Catholic Church

Cornelia R. Ferreira, M.Sc.

The Feminist Agenda Within the Catholic Church, by Cornelia R. Ferreira

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Description of Contents

This ground-breaking exposé of the ideology known as Christian, spiritual or religious feminism originally appeared as an article in Homiletic & Pastoral Review (May 1987). It was the first exposé based on the writings of feminist leaders from the nineteenth century onwards. It brings to light their hidden agenda of re-making the Catholic Church in their own image, and the methods they are employing to further their success.

Spiritual feminism is a new religion known as WomanChurch. It has its own "Revelation," theology and forms of worship and sacraments. Its only claim to Christianity is its similarity to heretical, pseudo-Christian Gnostic communities of the first and second centuries.

Feminist "theology" is a theology of liberation from "patriarchy." It includes the Marxist espousal of revolution to achieve social reform in the Church. Feminists seek power within the Church and total autonomy in morality.

Feminist liturgies draw heavily on the occult rites of witchcraft and paganism.

Cornelia Ferreira's well-documented booklet traces the feminist journey from inclusive language to witchcraft. She discusses the consciousness-raising techniques that have allowed Christian feminism to infiltrate the Church. She warns women (and men) who have started on this road that they will land up outside the Catholic Church and in the occult.

Twenty-five years after the publication of this booklet, we see how prophetic Cornelia Ferreira's warning was. Feminism is now "mainstream" in the Church and Catholic schools, and with it so is paganism, Gnosticism and occultism.

Exposes a major heresy. Highly relevant to our times!
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