The Enemy Within
Radical Feminism in the Christian Churches

Edited by Christine M. Kelly

The Enemy Within: Radical Feminism in the Christian Churches, by Alice von Hildebrand, Cornelia Ferreira and others

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Description of Contents

This book is a follow-up to the series of essays on the devastation of feminism collected in Feminism v. Mankind.

The Enemy Within is an anthology devoted to the study of feminism within Christianity, especially Catholicism. It draws on the work of several internationally-acclaimed authors in this field.

"Religious" or "Christian" feminism, as it is known, is shown to be a major heresy. It embodies two crises in the Church: a crisis of faith and a crisis of morality. Its rejection of Revelation and of God Himself has led adherents into spiritual blindness and its resultant moral depravity.

The roots of Christian feminism are traced to paganism and goddess-worship.

The essays also show how feminism became entwined with Marxism, which gave it structure and the means for spreading its subversion to produce a new social order directly opposed to Christian civilization. Feminism is a branch of Marxist liberation theology.

Ecumenism is another major disseminator of Christian feminism. It brought the demands of Protestant feminists, such as women's ordination and the re-writing of Scripture, into the Catholic Church.

The feminist revolutionaries found allies in the modernists, who added this new heresy to all the others employed in destroying the Church from within.

Because religious feminism was first espoused mainly by nuns and highly educated women theologians, it easily infiltrated the Church as they obtained key positions in education and administration. The authors document the world-wide infiltration of feminists into parishes, religious organizations, education, social work and Bishops' Conferences.

A highly valuable resource for recognizing and resisting the FEMINIST HERESY
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Alice von Hildebrand

  1. The Bishops' Dilemma
    Christine Kelly and Valerie Riches
  2. Christian Feminism — the Heresy of the Age
    William Oddie
  3. Women's Rites —
    Feminist Liturgies and the Catholic Tradition

    Josephine Robinson
  4. Isis and the Crisis of Morality
    Cornelia R. Ferreira
  5. The Fruit of Their Doings —
    Feminism, Priesthood and the Anglican Communion

    Dori Watson Boynton
  6. In the Image of God —
    There is no Christianity Without the Icon

    Yves Dubois
  7. Goddesses of Their Own Making
    Pat Taylor
  8. From Convent to Coven — a Book Review
    Babette Francis
  9. Thanks for the Feminine
    John Saward


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