Russia's Deadly Weapon Against the Family

Cornelia R. Ferreira, M.Sc.

Feminis: Russia's Deadly Weapon Against the Family, by Cornelia R. Ferreira, M.Sc.

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Description of Contents

"Destroy the family, you destroy the country."
— Vladimir Lenin

The final goal of Satan's attack on the Catholic Church and Christian civilization is the destruction of the Christian family. This struggle, as noted by Pope Pius XI, is being carried out by Communism, directed from Moscow. Indeed, The Communist Manifesto calls for the family to be abolished. The weapon being used is feminism, as Communism's parent, the Illuminati, professed more than a century ago that the corruption of women was essential to destroy Catholicism and bring in its new socialist world order.

Cornelia Ferreira's sweeping history of the feminist movement, first published as an article on this website, is now available in this convenient booklet form.

Citing papal teachings, Feminism: Russia's Deadly Weapon Against the Family shows why the traditional family is important for the well-being of the nation, the Church and the world. This has made it vital, for those trying to establish an anti-Christ world order, to replace the traditional family with the Marxist model of family.

Feminism: Russia's Deadly Weapon Against the Family traces the beginnings of feminism from the suffragette movement to its embrace of Communism. Right from the start, feminism adopted the Communist application of class and materialistic economic theories to marriage, family and the roles of men and women. Exposing the teachings of Communism, Cornelia Ferreira clearly demonstrates that the West today is thoroughly Communist, because the foundation of society, the family, has been Communized through the woman.

Cornelia Ferreira also documents the rise of the feminist branch known as Christian, spiritual or religious feminism. Tainted with the socialism of its secular sisters, this feminism infiltrated Catholicism mainly through feminist nuns, after Vatican II and the Church's détente with Communism.

Spiritual feminism, totally aligned with its secular branch, has been causing major damage to the traditional Christian family and morality, besides corrupting Catholic practices, liturgy and doctrine. It is actually a new heretical and schismatic religion fuelled by the anthropological theories adopted by Communist leaders Marx and Engels, as well as by pagan mythology and the occult.

This ground-breaking history exposes the feminist movement as a socialist scheme for destroying morality and order by subverting the religious and moral foundations of the family, the basic unit of society. Ironically, women ostensibly working for the "liberation" of their sex have actually attacked the dignity and nature of woman herself, making her the slave and mere instrument of man.

On the other hand, the many papal statements documented in Feminism: Russia's Deadly Weapon Against the Family show that the Church has always upheld the dignity of woman, holding her in high esteem and praising her indispensable contribution to the social and cultural life of civilization and to the salvation of souls.

This booklet is highly relevant for understanding the attack against marriage and the family.

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