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In 1889, Freemasonry deemed that, in order to advance its universal socialist republic,

“[f]reedom of thought and conscience of the children has to be developed systematically in the child at school and protected, as far as possible, against all disturbing influences, not only of the Church ..., but also of the children’s own parents, if necessary, even by ... moral and physical compulsion.”

The Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)



The father of
New Age education

John Dewey (1859-1952), father of New Age education

John Dewey


spread the anti-Christian principles of
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831)



Johann Friedrich Herbart (1776-1841)



Wilhelm Wundt (1832-1920)



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What is New Age Education?
Part II

Cornelia R. Ferreira, M.Sc.

... Continued from Part I

Active learning, a component of feeling-good education, is derived from Dewey’s philosophy of child-centered learning, in which students do things, teach themselves and choose what they want to learn. Teachers are merely facilitators.[53] As an article published by the influential Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) explained it,

... learning is not seen as students’ sitting at a desk listening to a teacher lecture: students are doing things.... students must be more active in determining ... their own educational programs. They must be given more autonomy and power of choice.... The old paradigm made the teacher responsible for the student’s learning, with the student obliged to learn. The new paradigm of a learning society shifts the responsibility for learning to the learner....[54]

The relationship between children and teachers is “collaborative,” but students have an “active senior partnership role in the learning enterprise.”[55] The “developmentally appropriate practice” (DAP) drafted by the U.S.-based National Association for the Education of Young Children in 1987 is based on the premise, “The child knows best. Instruction designed by the teacher is inappropriate and may become ‘a source of stress for young children.’”[56]

Another techniqe for making kids feel good is the removal of competition. Dewey wanted the classroom to be a mini-community of democracy, a tool for destroying class distinctions. This idea is reflected in destreaming, which ignores differences in intelligence and ability; in mixed-grade classrooms and non-graded classrooms; in individual projects that don’t have much basis for comparison; in the elimination of tests, exams and ranks; in outlawing failing; and in the provision of computers for all students.[57] A democratic classroom hardly prepares children for the real world, and can lead to frustration and violence.

Deliberate Dumbing Down

The New Age idea of interdependence or interrelatedness, which comes from the pantheistic heresy that we are all one with the universe, is carried into the classroom through what is called curricular integration, transdisciplinary education or thematic teaching. Curricula which treat subjects separately, such as algebra or chemistry, are labelled “medieval” because “knowledge is not segmented but interrelated. Future concerns can be considered only as interdependent wholes....” So learning must be “centered around ideas and problems” and many disciplines must be integrated “around a core idea.”[58]

Research shows that “[e]rasing traditional subject boundaries is like taking away the frame of a house.... ‘thematic teaching’ hurts learning because it thwarts the development of meaningful intellectual disciplines (such as history).”[59] Yes — but damaging learning is the New Age agenda!

The concept of integrated curricula actually originated in the nineteenth century with Johann Herbart,[60] who, as mentioned, was linked to the Illuminati and influenced Dewey. We are finally putting into practice Herbart’s ideas of curricular integration by grouping history and geography into social studies or science and geography into environmental studies; or by teaching “math through dance, language through songwriting and social studies through visual art.”[61] This technique enables the teacher to more easily draw out the socially desirable ideas useful to the political objective of the “theme.”[62] For instance, the theme of garbage management and recycling might be integrated into art, math or science.[63]

The major theme of President Bush’s new federal curriculum, “No Child Left Behind” (Bill HR1), is civics and government, i.e., positions held by the government. One position is that Americans have rights only insofar as they agree with UN policies. The “right to life has been totally eliminated” in Bush’s curriculum, so the theme of “government” was infused into math in one school in order to teach population control. A Minneapolis newspaper photo showed a classroom with the teacher and students all huddled in one corner. The caption called it “an exercise in integrated math.” It explained that “the classroom was divided in half and all the students moved into that half, and then it was divided in half again progressively until everyone was squeezed into one corner. Why? So students could ‘understand the effects of overcrowding on our planet.’”[64]

Pantheism is carried into the classroom through what is called curricular integration, a concept originating with Illuminati-influenced Johann Herbart.
Another crucial component of global education is the look-say or whole-language method of teaching reading, instead of phonics. Now, look-say was developed around 1810 for deaf mutes, who are unaware of phonetic sounds. Attempts to get it accepted by regular schools failed. It was, however, picked up at the end of the nineteenth century by Deweyites because it de-emphasized reading skills. Remember, Dewey’s idea was that education is not to develop talents, but to prepare the child to fit into society as a servant of the State.[65] Phonics started being phased out of American schools in 1929 and most school districts were without it by the 50s. By the early 1980s, look-say was almost exclusively taught across North America, Britain and New Zealand because educators were told that phonics didn’t feel good.[66] Today look-say is called “whole-language.” It teaches whole word recognition in the context of visual clues. It’s basically guesswork — but makes the child responsible for his learning, the globalist goal.

Not surprisingly, the illiteracy rate shows it doesn’t work. Illiteracy among 10- to 20-year-olds in the United States decreased from 7.6 per cent in 1900 to 4.7 per cent in 1910.[67] After the introduction of whole-language instruction, scores on the Armed Forces Qualification Tests indicated that illiteracy (defined as the inability to read 4th- or 5th-grade lessons) amongst recruits soared from almost zero during World War II to 17 per cent during the Korean War. Those who fought in World War II had nearly all learned phonics, whilst a third to a half of those in the Korean War had been subjected to look-say.[68] Many empirical studies from the 50s on have shown that it is systematic phonics that produces superior readers.[69]

Another indicator of literacy is the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). Verbal SAT scores declined by 24 points between 1941 and 1952. Between the early 1970s and 1980s they fell about 50 points.[70] To hide the decline, SAT tests have been simplified, so that a high score today does not indicate the same level of competency as, say, thirty years ago. The same applies to college entry exams and university degrees. A simple test of the decay is to compare today’s banal elementary-school readers with the nineteenth-century McGuffey’s Readers that have been reprinted for homeschoolers. The content and language of the McGuffey’s Readers are far superior to anything in matching grades today. McGuffey’s sixth-grade reader would challenge even university students.[71]

There are also social consequences of the whole-language method. Dr. Carl Kline, a Vancouver child psychiatrist who treated thousands of children with learning problems, “concluded that reading disability is the leading cause of emotional problems in North American children and adolescents.” Many other child psychiatrists agree. Dr. Marilyn Adams of the Center for the Study of Reading at the University of Illinois has said that “poor reading levels in Grade 1 are also a strong indicator of future trouble with the law, teen pregnancy and dropping out of high school.”[72] In other words, poor reading leads to conflict with authority — but then, disdain for authority is a globalist goal.

In With Idolatry

A major New Age belief is that creation is divine. This pantheistic idea has infiltrated schools under the guise of promoting environmental responsibility. New Agers believe the earth is a living organism which has created all things. The earth is the goddess Gaia and is being ruined. Illogically, this goddess doesn’t have the power to help herself, so we are bombarded with save-the-planet unscientific gloom and doom scenarios.

Young children, instead of being taught the 3 R’s, are being terrified by propaganda about alleged future disasters of which they shouldn’t even be aware, such as nuclear catastrophe, the disappearance of natural resources, and world food scarcity due to population growth or excessive consumption by capitalist nations. The West and Christianity are blamed for causing or being unable to solve these largely hypothetical problems. Children are led to accept the idea of global laws on just about every aspect of nature — laws that if enacted, would shut down a lot of our industries. But this is what globalist educators expect, as ending the dominance of industrialized nations is one way to equalize wealth worldwide. In the late 80s, the ASCD forecast that by the twenty-first century, curricula would have to reflect the fact that “the world of work will be characterized by a continued shift from an industrial work force to an information and service work force” in which “technology will play a major role.”[73] Note the epidemic of industrial closings over the last two decades, concurrent with the explosion of electronic technology and information.

Children are also made to feel that since adults can’t solve ecological problems, they have to do so, starting now. Here is just a small sampling of the undending propaganda they encounter, and which you won’t find listed in curricula. The projects are exercises in active learning.

In 1992, Proctor and Gamble, together with Ontario teachers, Catholic and non-Catholic, produced a home economics/social studies kit to involve students in Grades 4-6 with garbage disposal problems. According to the program’s “statistics,” each Canadian produces about 3¾ lbs. of garbage daily, as opposed to, say, China, with 1lb. Will children question these figures and ask how the garbage is measured? Will they lose respect for their country and parents, or feel guilty themselves, for supposedly wasting natural resources and contributing to environmental pollution? How could they refute this prediction: “The Ontario government projects that by 1995 half of its residents won’t have a place to put their garbage”?[74]

“Overpopulation” is infused into environmental studies in various creative ways. For instance, the New York-based Center for Applied Research in Education put out an “Ecology Discovery Activities Kit” in 1993 for Grades 4-8, to help develop science skills. Amongst the “essential areas of ecology” covered was “Populations.” Students would “study the effects of overpopulation from field studies of flies, plants, earthworms, and more.”[75]

Earth idolatry is a serious component of environmentalism. Its major feast day is Earth Day, April 22 (Lenin’s birthday)[76], celebrated by Catholic and non-Catholic schools every year. In 1992, two Canadian Members of Parliament sent a package of Earth Day activities to all public and private schools. Their covering letter to students declared: “You — the young people of Canada — can help to repair the environmental sins of your ancestors” (emphases added). These MPs abused their authority by undermining parents and other ancestors, whilst simultaneously making the pupils feel responsible for solving the problems their ancestors had supposedly caused. One of the activities was a song called the “Environmental Anthem” or “Earth Day Anthem.” Introduced by a statement attributed to an Indian chief that all things are connected, it taught that the pioneers were greedy in cutting down trees to plant crops. Its lyrics included the heretical lines, “The earth is our mother. She gives us all we need.” St. Paul, in his Epistle to the Romans (Rom. 1:21-31), warns that the punishment for earth — i.e., creature — worship is spiritual darkness, homosexuality, crime, and rebellion against parents. Aren’t we seeing the results of religious environmentalism all around us right now?

Earth idolatry is a serious component of environ-mentalism.

Also in 1992, the year of the UN Earth Summit in Brazil, the environmental movement launched a massive world-government campaign in the schools. The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), together with Canada’s foremost New Ager, religious environmentalist and occultist Maurice Strong (who headed the UN Earth Summit), sent an Earth Pledge for signing by students and teachers to all schools in Canada and other UNESCO member countries. Signatures were to be presented to the Summit to show that there is “a broad based [sic] popular movement in support of the Earth Summit and ... its programmes ... to be implemented in future years....”[77] The Summit’s programs were intended to facilitate world government through increased environmental laws.

Now, a teacher or principal was allowed to sign on behalf of a school’s staff, and a student on behalf of the other students, each indicating the number signed for.[78] So children or teachers, without knowing it, could have been used to swell the ranks of a pressure group for global government. UNESCO told this writer that over 9 million signatures from around the world were collected.

In 1991 the UN Environmental Program (UNEP) launched an interfaith “Environmental Sabbath” campaign directed at all grades. The Environmental Sabbath is a day of rest for the earth. The activities guide contains an activity in which students are directed to gather around a tree, “meditate upon it,” and “experience the tree” so as to “reverence nature.” A “Mount Olympus” exercise tells children that “the gods or the Lords of The Universe” are planning to eliminate the people on “rogue Planet Earth” by global warming or a disease. The children’s job: “Try to win over the gods to save the planet — and the human race.”[79]

Claiming Our Divinity

The United Nations, chief instrument of Russia’s errors,[80] is also pushing the “channelled” World Core Curriculum of its former Assistant Secretary General, the “Catholic” pantheist and occultist Robert Muller. Muller, a prominent author and lecturer, is dedicated to promoting the UN’s one-world agenda. His Curriculum, that teaches the divinity of creation, is the basis for many global education programs, and the ASCD has urged European countries and Japan to adopt it.[81] The Robert Muller Schools, such as the one in Arlington, Texas, openly declare they are based on the teachings of New Age leader and occultist Alice Bailey that were “channelled” from her spirit guide.[82] The Texas school displays a framed letter from the White House, bearing a commendation from President George and Barbara Bush “for its contributions to society.”[83]

In 1992 Muller told Denver law students that the idea of his World Core Curriculum was to make sure children throughout the world would be taught the same things, the “truth about the world” rather than the biased view of a nation or culture.[84] According to Malachi Martin, transnationalists, dependent upon a secure global economy, “cannot afford any provincialism in culture and outlook.” They regard “cultural” subjects like history, literature, art, music, religion and ethics, as having a Western or “Eurocentric” bias, so they have been promoting a universal curriculum to produce “world” citizens without loyalty to a nation or culture, and a world “McCulture.” “The emphasis is on homogeneity of minds, on the creation ... of a truly global mentality....”[85]

In order to promote world citizenship, global education destroys patriotism by censoring or denigrating the achievements of one’s country, its founders and heroes[86], especially if Catholic. You cannot love what you do not know. Censoring — i.e., not teaching about — a nation’s past reduces affection for it. Students more readily identify with the “world community,” especially as this identity is reinforced by TV, movies and the Internet. Rapidly increasing the numbers of immigrants and refugees, encouraging ethnic groups to retain their language and customs, and promoting multiculturalism in the classroom, also decreases pride in one’s country. The strategy has worked: Time (Canada) recently observed that today’s college students identify themselves as global citizens.[87]

It is taught that for the world community to live in harmony, one must have empathy for all cultures. Children learn cultural relativity — that each culture defines truth, i.e., right and wrong, for itself. There are no absolutes; so all cultures and religions (as well as political and economic systems), no matter how false, are equally good — the fallacy of moral equivalency.[88] But in practice, Christianity and Western culture are portrayed as far worse than pagan religions and cultures. The West is attacked as greedy and blamed for poverty in other countries. Christians are censured for promoting overpopulation and for destroying the environment (because they follow Genesis 1:26-28, in which God gives man dominion over the earth). They are also denounced for destroying North American Indian culture, whose practitioners are painted as very loving of each other and the earth. Since witchcraft is increasingly being legalized as a valid religion[89], what is there to prevent students from being taught that witchcraft is equivalent — or superior — to Christianity?

Cultural equivalency has descended into indifferentism and syncretism. This is brought about not just through comparative religion classes, but through actual interfaith practice. For instance, Catholic religion teachers attend workshops on how to teach different religions, and teachers and students take part in interreligious dialogue. This includes visiting pagan temples and participating in their rituals. One syncretist missionary order in Toronto even sponsors World Religions Retreat Days in which members of different religions teach students about their beliefs and practices.[90]

Disguised as multiculturalism, this is indoctrination in the ideology of a one-world religion and community, in which occultism will reign supreme. (To worship anything but the true God is to worship the devil, and all such worship falls under the heading of occultism.) For students who are illiterate in the Faith and don’t practise it[91], the indoctrination should be a smashing success.

When Masons take over education, said Pope Leo XIII, they will see to it “that in the education of youth nothing is to be taught in the matter of religion as of certain and fixed opinion; and each one must be left at liberty to follow, when he comes of age, whatever he may prefer.”[92] Indeed, one of the marks of Masonry is indifferentism. Interfaith indoctrination, therefore, proves that education in Catholic schools today is Masonic.

Incidentally, the multiculturalism umbrella literally covers a multitude of sins. This is because morality is now considered just a cultural construct. So, the theme of multiculturalism in President George W. Bush’s education law, “No Child Left Behind,” includes gay rights, abortion rights and forced family planning.[93] Taught immorality is another indicator of Masonic education: “Nothing which treats of the most holy duties of men to God shall be introduced [by them] into the instructions on morals.”[94]

Muller also told the Denver law students that global education “is a spiritual education, and not only a Catholic or a Buddhist or ... a Jewish religion.” Now, New Age spirituality is derived from Eastern religions and the occult. It is concerned with developing one’s psychic powers or ESP (extra-sensory perception), which New Agers believe will lead them to higher consciousness or enlightenment. As Satan tempted Eve: Eat of the forbidden tree of knowledge and you will become like God. In fact, Muller openly admits in the preface to his Curriculum and elsewhere: “... as vividly described in the story of the Tree of Knowledge, having decided to become like God through knowledge ..., we have also become masters in deciding between good and bad.”[95]

In the enlightened state, one “becomes aware” that he is united with everything in the universe in the state of godhood; one is said to have evolved to a state of global or cosmic consciousness, which is where New Agers want to lead us. In teaching about “our planetary home,” Muller wants students to understand “our evolution into higher states of oneness with the universe”:

they are
evolving to oneness
with a

Science ... is part of the spiritual process; it is ... [an] elevation of the human race into an ever vaster knowledge and consciousness of the universe and of its unfathomable, divine character.
.... We can show children ... that our evolution makes more and more sense, that it will continue at ever higher levels [through reincarnation] until this planet has finally become ... a planet of God.[96]

The (American) National Catholic Education Association (NCEA) began in 1972 to develop global consciousness and a “planetary framework” for curricula. Occultists Jean Houston (Hillary Clinton’s medium at the White House [97]) and Muller have been speakers at the organization’s conventions.[98]

Since the occult search for higher knowledge involves turning off one’s mind, the methods used involve some form of hypnosis or trance induction. These bring about an altered state of consciousness that parallel the hallucinogenic states produced by psychedelic drugs. Trance induction is variously called meditating, centering, focusing, imaging, guided imagery, guided fantasies or visualization. Sometimes it is not given a name, but is used as a behaviour modification tool in programs for stress reduction; relaxation; enhanced concentration or memory; creative problem solving[99]; assertiveness training; “critical thinking”[100]; or development of higher thought. There are even guided imagery exercises for the stated purpose of developing children’s extra-sensory perception and sixth sense in a Child Abuse program used in Ontario’s elementary Catholic and non-Catholic schools.[101]

Guided imagery involves relaxing and being counted down into the trance state, in which one is open to hypnotic suggestion and mind manipulation. Students are subjected to such manipulation as the teacher verbally guides them to hear, see, feel or do something in the trance. They are later counted back into consciousness. It is totally unethical for unlicenced practitioners to hypnotize children, especially without parental knowledge.

Worse, students are being schooled in a technique that is the first step in acquiring occult skills[102], and which sorcerers routinely use to reach spirit guides (i.e., demons). In some visualizations children are encouraged to look for guides to help them. This opens them to the danger of possession. It might be noted that a principal told this writer that teachers do visualization in religious ed training. Not surprisingly, then, children are sometimes taught visualization in religion classes.[103]

Servants of the Light

The United Nations is very involved in “occultizing” education worldwide. One of its chief agents is UNESCO. UNESCO’s establishment in 1946 was described as “the culmination of a movement for the creation of an international agency for education which began with Comenius.... Each member nation [of UNESCO] ... has a duty to see to it that nothing in its curriculum, courses of study and textbooks is contrary to UNESCO’s aims.”[104] Comenius (1592-1670) was a Czech educator and “bishop” of an heretical sect. He advocated a one-world religion and government and a universal body of educators, which he called the staff of light.[105] UNESCO considers him its spiritual father.[106] UNESCO’s constitution was written largely by the Order of Skull and Bones[107], which, as noted above, has been a major promulgator of Illuminati education. Yet the influential International Organization for Catholic Education (or Catholic International Education Office, OIEC) is affiliated with UNESCO and UNICEF.[108]

In 1989, Robert Muller, then Chancellor of the UN’s University of Peace in Costa Rica, addressed a peace conference co-sponsored by the university, the Costa Rican government, the UN Population Fund and other organizations, at which a message from Pope John Paul was read out. Muller stated that education now had to go beyond his World Core Curriculum global education to cosmic education. The new program, taking Bailey’s occultism further, is called The Global Education Program for Peace and Universal Responsibility (GEPPUR). It is to be implemented under the sponsorship of UN agencies (UNESCO, UNICEF and others) through education ministries in every country. The Robert Muller school in Texas is its model school.[109] Amongst the Soviet-connected designers of GEPPUR is Bailey disciple Dorothy Maver, a popular education consultant who has founded a university in New Jersey that offers doctorates in occult philosophy.[110]

Cosmic education sees the occult — called “spirituality” — as its “cornerstone.” It preaches that this spiritual element has been missing uptil now. Aimed at the mainstream, it stresses pantheistic interconnectedness (“holism”) and universal responsibility, i.e., the responsibility of each person to promote and practise the various means of bringing about world unity and a just, peaceful and divine world “based on cooperation with nature.” In his address to the Denver law students, Muller said, “... when we think in longer terms of evolution, we must not forget that after the Global Age, we are going to enter into a Cosmic Age....” In this divine age, peace “will not depend on world government but divine or cosmic government,” i.e., one run by Illumined Satanists.[111]

In 1990, President George Bush, Sr., boosted cosmic education with his Points of Light Initiative Foundation, lauded for its “esoteric connection” by Maver.[112] Indeed, the term “points of light” is used by Bailey and other occultists. Persons or groups who experience a higher consciousness, an awareness of global oneness and the need to solve global problems by serving the common good, are points of energy, of light. To facilitate the divine unity of the universe and the open rule of occultists and the Antichrist, such groups and individuals must be united through conscious cooperation, termed “connecting” or “networking the light.”[113]

Students are being desensitized to future slavery under occultists by enforced community

Bush called for every person and group in America to act as a point of light, working to solve the “most serious national problems” through community service, so that “the growth and magnification of ‘points of light’ ... become[s] an American mission.” He wanted service to be “an obligation of citizenship,” with successful problem-solving initiatives to be “replicated over and over again by individuals and teams until everyone is connected to someone.” His Initiative recommended community service as a requirement for college and university admission.[114] Today, service is a requirement for high school graduation and scholarships (and in Toronto for reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation).

This is coercion; but Bailey makes it clear that group service, or the service of humanity as a way of life and under the direction of occultists, is a New World Order requirement. Her New Group of World Servers was formed to help unite the world.[115] President Bush, Sr., declared, “Community service must become part of our daily pattern of living,” a “lifelong commitment.” His Foundation was set up to direct community service nationwide.[116] And Ernest Boyer, president of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, has stated: “... the goal of service in the schools is ... to help all students understand that to be fully human, one must serve.”[117] So students are being desensitized to future slavery by enforced community service disguised as “teaching responsibility,” as in Communist countries.[118]

New Age education is too deeply entrenched for the schools to be salvageable. They have the Church, government and UN support. The Illuminati’s plan is that the three main channels to be used to prepare humanity for the new age are the Church, Masonry and education.[119] They have been enormously successful in education, replacing the Catholic blueprint[120] with Communism and the occult.

Obviously speaking of Soviet Russia, Pius XI observed in 1929, “And there is a country where the children are ... torn from the bosom of the family, to be formed (or, to speak more accurately, to be deformed and depraved) in godless schools ... to irreligion and hatred, according to the theories of advanced socialism; and thus is renewed ... the slaughter of the Innocents.”[121]

New Age education has spread around the world from Russia. As an error of Russia, it can only be vanquished by the Collegial Consecration of that country, requested by Our Lady of Fatima. Until that time, to protect our children from spiritual slaughter and recruitment into the Kingdom of Satan on earth, we must school them at home.

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Schematic Chart of New Age Education


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  Sadly, the Knights of Columbus is a “Leadership Partner” of the Points of Light Foundation. The Daily Points of Light Award, awarded every day for outstanding community service, is fully funded by the Knights (pointsof A photo in the K of C magazine, Columbia (June 2002, p. 24), shows former President Bush with the Foundation head and Supreme Knight at an awards ceremony.
  After 9/11, President Bush, Jr., called for “a commitment to community service” to fight terrorism, whilst Pope John Paul, strangely echoing points-of-light terminology, said volunteers are “a ray of hope that illuminates the darkness”: Tim S. Hickey, “Enlist in Our Army of Prayer for Peace,” ibid., February 2002, p. 2. Bush praised the Knights for “helping to build a ‘culture of service’”: id., “A Day to Pray and Remember,” ibid., November 2002, p. 11. The Knights recorded nearly 61 million volunteer hours in 2002, worth over $1 billion: id., “$1 Billion ... and Change,” ibid., August 2003, p. 2.
  Starting with World Youth Day in 2002 (its theme: youth are the light and salt of the world), community service has been added to its activities. 2002 was the UN’s International Year of Volunteers.
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Originally published in Catholic Family News, October 2003.
(Bold emphases added.)

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