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Terminology used in New Age Education

"What do you feel about ...?"  Feelings, not absolutes, determine behaviour.  Everything geared towards making children feel good.
Changing students' behaviour (to conform to New Age criteria) through psychological and other techniques.
"What do you think or know about ...?" (Academic Basics)
child-centred education
Students teach themselves through projects or activities.  Teachers are merely facilitators.
Enforced "volunteerism," required for academic credits, university entrance, etc. Called "service to humanity," it coerces people and groups to cooperate in "solving" social problems under the direction of occultists to bring about the unity of the divine universe.
The "enlightened state" in which one is aware of being united with everything in a divine universe.
A level above global education, it considers "spirituality," i.e., the occult, as its cornerstone.  Stresses interconnectedness and universal responsibility, i.e., the responsibility of people ("points of light") to cooperate in bringing about global oneness and a divine world.
critical thinking
Synonym for values clarification, deciding for yourself whether something is right or wrong.  A dialectical process for modifying behaviour through discussions that lead to a pre-determined conclusion, it teaches children to challenge moral absolutes and all authority.
curricular integration
Applies the New Age idea of interrelatedness to subjects, grouping them together in "themes" centred around a core idea or social problem.
decision-making programs
Programs such as death education, suicide education, sex education, drug education. Children are taught to make their own choices in these matters. Feeling-centred, it is a type of affective education.
global education
General term for the educational philosophy that includes all the categories shown in the above chart. A values-laden tool for social change, it is infused into every subject, K-12. It emphasizes interdependence, world citizenship (an international rather than national perspective) and New Age thought.
Also called "secular humanism," it is a naturalistic religion that rules out God and the supernatural, teaching that man must create his own heaven upon earth.
multicultural education
Teaches cultural and moral equivalency, opening students to the syncretic (blended), occult one-world religion and community.
new age
A worldwide movement to replace Christian and Western world views with occult one-worldism. It aims to bring about the New World Order with its one-world religion and government under the New Age "Christ" or Antichrist.
outcomes-based education (obe)
Students required to master non-academic values-related "outcomes" or attitudes before being allowed to advance. Computerized records can affect students' prospects for university and jobs.
points of light
Occult term for persons or groups who experience cosmic or higher consciousness and who work for global oneness through community service. The goal of cosmic education.
political correctness
Intimidating change agent that makes taboo traditional Christian and Western values, speech and standards of behaviour, replacing them with values acceptable to the New World Order. These are often enforced through legislation.
school-based clinics
Health clinics in schools which may distribute contraceptives, make abortion referrals, etc.
"Job Skills" system that sets quotas for jobs needed by government. Students ("human resources") are led to select a career path at a relatively early age. Uses computerized databanks generated by outcomes-based education.
total quality management (tqm)
System for standardizing and managing education, governments and an international workforce according to globalist criteria. The process (e.g., facilitating consensus) emphasizes the group over the individual.
visualization or guided imagery
A form of hypnotic trance induction used in behaviour modification programs for stress reduction, relaxation, problem solving, etc. As a standard occult tool, it is also used to develop children's extra-sensory perception or "sixth sense."
whole language
Reading by means of pictures or whole words, as opposed to phonics, which involves the sounding of letters and syllables.
world core curriculum
Gobal education that begins at birth, developed by Robert Muller and promoted by the UN. Its underlying philosophy is that of New Age occultist Alice Bailey. The basis for many global education programs, it was slated for all schools worldwide by 2000 A.D.

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