Canisius Books: For the Triumph of the Rights of God and His Church

Established 1991

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Prayers for Protection from Plagues and Contagious Diseases

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Traditional prayers for a happy death — recite them in health and as an Act of Mercy for the sick and dying:

Prayerbook: Instructions and Devotions for the Sick, Dying and Deceased

Also includes prayers for deceased men, women, parents, children, benefactors and clergy.


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Leaflet: Novena for one recently deceased
Novena for One Recently Deceased


Questions and Answers on the Traditional Latin Mass and Liturgical customs — newly reprinted!

Liturgical Catechism, by Fr. D.J. Wollaston, SDB

A simple explanation of traditional Catholic liturgical practices and customs.


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Opposed to the rebellious attempt to dethrone God and establish the rights of man-as-god and the planet-as-god, Canisius Books is dedicated to the defence of the rights of God and the restoration of the Catholic Faith, i.e., the Kingdom of Christ on earth.

Our website features books exposing the New Age/New World Order Movement and its effect upon the Catholic Church, as well as devotional and other traditional Catholic literature.  

You can also find hard-hitting talks, articles and interviews that expose the errors of today in the Church and in society.

So bookmark this page for trenchant ammunition in the fight against the forces of organized naturalism, i.e., the kingdom of Satan on earth.

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"The world has heard enough of the so-called 'rights of man.' Let it hear something of the rights of God."

Pope Leo XIII, 1 November 1900



World Youth Day fits into the larger agenda of erecting a modernist Counterchurch, operating within the structure of the Roman Catholic Church. Construction of this Counterchurch has been going on since Vatican II....

-- Foreword from World Youth Day: From Catholicism to Counterchurch

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Some of Our Book Titles

Blessed José Luis Sánchez del Río: Cristero Boy Martyr

World Youth Day: From Catholicism to Counterchurch

Hell's War Against Our Children

The New Age Movement: The Kingdom of Satan on Earth

Fostering True Religious Unity, Mortalium Animos

Instructions and Devotions for the Sick, Dying and Deceased

And much more...


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